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What is a 1031 Exchange?


1031 Exchange Property Types In Manhattan

The following list of 1031 exchange properties has similar facts and aims to support the intent and pursue the rules associated with the 1031 exchange. The goal is to keep the real property for investment or business purposes with facts such as holding times and minimal individual use.

  •    Parking Lots
  •    Land
  •    Hotels and Motels
  •    Self Storage Facilities
  •    Shopping Malls and Strip Centers
  •    Vacation Homes
  •    Medical and Dental Practices
  •    Apartments
  •    Condominiums
  •    Build on Land Already Owned
  •    Businesses
  •    Rental Properties
  •    Conservation Easements
  •    Communication Towers
  •    Nursing Homes
  •    Water and Ditch Rights
  •    Golf Courses & Practice Ranges
  •    Trailer Parks
  •    Oil, Gas & Mineral Interests
  •    Convenience Stores
  •    Commercial Buildings/Warehouses
  •    Gas Stations

Vacation Rental Property Hold Time In Manhattan

Revenue Procedure of 2008-16 offers a bright-line test and safe harbor for taxpayers if the old property is rented out for a minimum of 14 overnights in each of two years at fair market price and the replacement property is also rented for at least 14 overnights in each of the two years. What does safe harbor means is the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will not contest whether the vacation property is eligible for productive use under IRC 1031.

The 1031 exchange rule states that the taxpayer’s personal use should not exceed 14 overnights per year or 10 percent of total days during the 12-month period. Individual tax situations can differ and can be quite complex.

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