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The real estate market in Idaho is gaining pace with people moving in from other states and new units being developed year-round. Since there is a massive influx of both seniors and younger professionals, there is a demand for both forever homes and starter homes.

Idaho is famous for its gemstones, wildlife, and breathtaking scenery. There are loads of outdoor activities possible throughout the state, making it a popular destination for sports enthusiasts and tourists in need of accommodation. Technology, Tourism, and business are among the most active sectors in Idaho, which guarantees a high demand from both homebuyers and renters. Overall, Idaho offers plenty of benefits for investors looking for a replacement property for a 1031 Exchange.


  Improving job market– In 2017, Idaho-based companies generated around 14,700 new job openings. This was a 2.1% rise compared to the previous year. Idaho has already become the state with the highest employment gain in the US, making Idaho an attractive place to invest in real estate.

  Technology-focused economy-Many people migrating to Idaho are young entrepreneurs and employees of the technology sector. Recently Idaho has become the state with the highest number of business startups in the whole of US. Since this implies an influx of people with disposable income, it makes the area promising for real estate investment.

 Popular living destination– Around 52% of people who have recently moved to Idaho are seniors in search of the ideal spot for their retirement. This indicates a higher demand for housing units, which is excellent news for Idaho real estate investors. An increase in demand will drive the prices up, and investors in Idaho will find properties appreciating over time, increasing their profitability.

 An influx of baby boomers- Idaho’ economy is getting stronger, and the standard of living has reached new heights. This means a stable market with plenty of chances to get rental income.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

If you plan to go for a 1031 Exchange in Idaho in Idaho, you should understand how a 1031 exchange works. 1031 Exchange enables you to sell a property and reinvest the profits in a replacement property and defer capital gain taxes.

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