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1. Exclusive off-market 1031 Exchange Properties

2. Initial cash flow of (2% - 6%)*, with non-recourse Financing

3. Access to Many Different Asset Classes (NNN, Medical, Multifamily, Self Storage, Student Housing, etc

4. Free 1031 Exchange Guidance and Service

5. A Tax Free Retirement Using 1031 Exchange and DSTs


1031 Exchange Properties List

How Can "1031Xchange.com" help you?

1. We see to it that the whole "1031 Exchange" process is managed for you.

1031 Exchange process requires a good deal of paperwork, and all of it must be done on a strict timeline according to IRS regulations. Our 1031 Exchange experts will work with real estate providers and qualified intermediaries to make sure that every part of the process gets done, gets done on time, and gets done according to your requirements and specifications. And best of all, our 1031 Exchange Experts are available to help at no cost to you. Contact us today to learn more about how we might be of help to you in your individual situation. Then you can focus on the business of deciding what to do with your free time and reaping the many benefits of institutional-grade property ownership.

2.We help you to choose which highly qualified, national real estate company ("1031 providers") will locate the building for you, provide all due diligence, arrange for the financing, and do all the other work necessary to acquire the new investment property

Because a wide range of 1031 Exchange properties exist for sale, in many different asset classes and geographical locations, it’s essential that you work with a knowledgeable national real estate provider that can help you to easily identify possible properties within the requisite 45 days, acquire within 180 days, and even have a “back-up” in case your preferred purchase becomes unavailable for some reason. Our 1031 Exchange experts carefully screen providers, making sure that the one you choose is led by a high-quality management team, has been through a rigorous audit of its operations and procedures, has long-term, quantifiable track records, and is Rev Proc compliant.

3. We help you with Asset Class Selection (determining which property type to buy).

What type of property would be best for you to buy under a 1031 Exchange program? Shopping center? Office building? Apartment complex? Each property asset class has different performance and risk characteristics. Our 1031 Exchange Experts will advise you of the differences among property asset classes and assist you in determining which property asset class best fits your investment objectives.

4. We help you with Property Analysis (determining which individual property to buy within a given asset class).

Each individual property must stand on its own merits and show evidence of strong investment value. Our 1031 Exchange expert pores over each individual property’s fundamentals and financial information to determine that property’s economic feasibility. Cap rates, market information, property statistics, equity and debt ratio, and return analyses, among other factors, are used to provide an in-depth level of economic analysis. Our 1031 Exchange experts then review the results of these analyses with you, and together we will create a list of suitable replacement property candidates.

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“Our tax-deferred 1031 exchange programs can save millions in taxes, increase investor equity, and compound annual cash flow distributions and returns”