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A 1031 Exchange isn’t as complex as it may appear, at least in comparison to some other large investments. However, it certainly requires proper handling. As a 1031 Exchange investor, one thing that you’ll surely need for the success of your exchange is lots and lots of knowledge. By knowledge, we mean each and every piece of information related to 1031 Exchanges, many of which aren’t either available on the internet or aren’t of any use.

That’s the reason why you need a strong and credible source through which you can acquire all the information related to 1031 Exchanges. You must have observed almost similar information posted on various 1031 Exchange websites; the only thing that differs though is the style of presenting it. So, you actually never know how much you really know or what is useful among whatever you’ve read, and there can’t be any better way to find this other than asking yourself a few rapid-fire questions related to 1031 Exchanges like do you know what kind of properties can be exchanged using a 1031 Exchange? Or for the matter, what is the role of Qualified Intermediaries in 1031 Exchanges? Or could you do a 1031 Exchange without a Qualified Intermediary?

The list goes on and we assure you that you’ll always fall short of something unless you get a good place to read about 1031 Exchanges. Thankfully, you’ve already found one. Here, you’ll get everything that you need to know about 1031 Exchanges, and if there is something missing, that may not be important.


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Over the years, we have managed to gather bunch of information related to 1031 Exchanges for investors of all stature. Though every query is unique, we have made sure that nothing related to 1031 Exchanges is missing from our list.

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