1031 Exchange Delaware

1031 Exchange Delaware

After analyzing dozens of critical factors, we have identified Delaware to be the perfect balance between appreciation, return, and safety. Here are the top reasons why we believe you should choose a replacement property in Delaware for a profitable 1031 Exchange


  • Guaranteed rent by local US government, making it a reliable investment option.
  • Delaware house prices are one of the cheapest in the country since the last recession.
  • Higher return on investment due to low house prices since 2007 and stable rental rates with government housing demand.
  • Massive potential for appreciation since Delaware housing hit lowest in 2012 and now continues to rise.
  • Delaware has the lowest property holding costs such as insurance, repairs, and property tax.
  • The government grants ZERO Sales Tax on goods and services for any purchase made in Delaware.
  • Delaware’s cost of living is meager if compared to any other state, attracting lots of students from local and around the world.
  • Delaware promises a better living environment because it’s far enough from the city pollution, yet close enough for a stable employment opportunity.
  • Delaware has observed a considerable increase in cash buyer activity over the last six years.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

If you opt for a 1031 Exchange, you should know the basics. 1031 Exchange allows an investor to trade property and reinvest the gains in a brand-new property and to put off all capital gain taxes.

Allow Experts to Manage a Successful 1031 Exchange in Delaware for You

The process of Delaware 1031 exchange is extremely complex in nature. We at 1031Xchange have expert advisors with extensive experience in handling highly profitable exchanges for our diverse client base.

For consultation and assistance regarding 1031 exchange in Delaware call –  888-993-2835 or email us at info@1031xchange.com

“Our tax-deferred 1031 exchange programs can save millions in taxes, increase investor equity, and compound annual cash flow distributions and returns”