Real Estate market in Iowa has managed to stay afloat and continues to flourish. The reason behind Iowa stable real estate market is a diversified market base of advanced manufacturing, biotechnology, information technology, processing, green energy production, and financial services. Iowa is also home to a few of the best-rated schools and has the highest graduation rates in the country, making it a welcome place for people who want to raise a family. The state is also headquarters to a variety of different industries, including Fortune 500 companies like Principal Financial Group and Casey’s General Stores.

Iowa offers excellent resources for career growth, and business ventures, which are top attributes that prospective homebuyers search for in a real estate market. And while the real estate market is robust, houses are still competitively priced and affordable. Let us go through the top reasons for considering Iowa as an option for 1031 Exchange.

Tops reasons for considering Iowa for a 1031 Exchange

  • Rising Home Values. The median home value in the Iowa real estate market was around $124,000 in 2016. The prices increased by about 3.4% in 2017, and this trend is expected to continue.
  • Increasing Housing Demand in Rural Iowa. Apart from Iowa’s flourishing metropolitan areas, there aren’t enough housing options. There is a massive demand for new houses, making the market ideal for investors.
  • Top Retirement Destination. Iowa extends educational opportunities, abundant cultural attractions, and lots of outdoor recreation for seniors. Assessed on factors such as ease of transportation, taxation, and family and general physicians per capita, Iowa ranks 9th in health care, 11th in quality of life and 26th in affordability. These factors combined make Iowa the fourth best retirement destination, pulling a huge number of senior homebuyers on an annual basis.

Best Markets for 1031 Exchange in Iowa

Des Moines, the capital of Iowa, remains a profitable option for Iowa real estate investors, with appreciation rates and home prices showing significant improvements between 2016 and 2018. Other promising real estate markets include Ankeny, Orange City, Davenport, Waukee, North Liberty, and Johnston.

What is a 1031 Exchange?

If you decide to opt for a 1031 Exchange in IOWA, you should know the basics around 1031 exchange. 1031 Exchange allows investors to trade property and reinvest the gains in a like-kind property and to defer capital gain taxes.

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