A Guide To Reverse 1031 Exchange


What Is a Reverse 1031 Exchange? A reverse 1031 exchange is a way that allows real estate investors to sell one investment property for another without incurring capital gains taxes. In a 1031 exchange, a taxpayer sells an investment property [...]

Is a 1031 exchange right for you?


Real estate investors should consider a 1031 exchange one of their best strategies. How do you make an exchange, and when should you do it? The exchange is named after IRS code Section 1031. Taxes and the IRS are involved, [...]

How To Take Advantage Of A 1031 Exchange?


You should know about the 1031 tax-deferred exchange if you own an investment property and are considering selling it and buying another one. The procedure permits the owner of investment property to sell and purchase like-kind property while deferring capital [...]

1031 Exchange Tax Benefits: What To Know?


Investors of all levels continue to benefit from 1031 tax-deferred exchanges. Due to strong economic growth, property values have been appreciated in many areas throughout the county. Beyond increasing purchasing power, 1031 exchanges offer investors leverage, consolidation, diversification, management relief, [...]

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