NNN: The Triple Net Lease: Three Reasons to Invest Today

NNN: The Triple Net Lease: Three Reasons to Invest Today

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Property owners (landlords) are relieved of costly responsibilities by investing in triple net leases. A net lease also has risks, like any other investment, despite being a good deal.

Who is responsible for paying the expenses after a natural disaster? An individual’s risk management skills and insight determine whether NNN is a good investment.

A triple net lease protects the landlord from incurring expenses in a natural disaster, as the tenant cannot cancel the lease, and a property owner is, therefore, less at risk.

Triple net leases have become popular among real estate investors. Nevertheless, its success depends on clarity and judgment.

Tenants with the Best NNNs

One or more tenants may lease a property, as mentioned earlier.

Single-tenant triple net leases involve the lease of a building to a single tenant who will be responsible for taxes, insurance, and maintenance. The landlord doesn’t have many duties in such a lease, and the tenant receives a fixed rental rate.

Those that have more than one tenant are called multiple tenant NNNs.

Renting office space or renting a residential or commercial building could be the property for sale. Responsibility is shared between tenants, however.

There is an argument that single NNN tenants (STNL) provide a more significant profit margin, and it is essential to remember that NNN contracts are all unique. To determine a tenant’s scalability, you must decide what will work for you.

What are the steps to investing in triple net properties?

There are several steps to take before investing in a triple net lease. There needs to be clarity and definition, and defining your property’s purpose and who it will serve should be your top priority.

The following methods will help you determine which NNN investment is best:

  1. Find an advisor for triple net leases

They are a real estate broker with a vast knowledge of NNN investments. You can count on them to find you a good investment, give you valuable advice, and help you maximize your investment.

You should speak with an NNN investment expert if you have no experience with NNN investments or are looking for NNN properties for sale.

Choose your triple-net lease advisor carefully. Verify how experienced and knowledgeable they are.

You can make the wrong choice if you don’t work with a knowledgeable triple net lease advisor. There are many commercial NNN investment rallies.

  1. Decide where to locate your business.

A property’s location is vitally important when investing in NNNs. Analyze its scalability by scanning its immediate environment and geographic location before deciding on a property.

Does the property have an urban or rural location? Where is it located? Is it highly populated by the town’s business or near a famous center? Does the area grow or shrink?

When opting for NNN properties for sale, there are several factors to consider. Investment properties located in urban areas are likely to be more profitable.

In areas with high population density or near a famous place, properties attract profitable tenants.

  1. Determine your criteria for tenants and lease terms

When investing in NNNs, knowing your tenant type opens new opportunities. Among the tenants are restaurants, franchises, commercial and residential properties owners, and businesses.

Setting your NNN property for sale begins with understanding who you want your property to serve, why you want to invest in a triple net lease, and how it will help your tenants.

Property investment, or a three-year net lease, is a great way to invest your money with relative ease and reasonable risk.

Maybe you’ve heard of NNN properties. Investors generally earn between 4 and 6 percent annual returns on their initial investment.


The tenant must pay taxes, insurance premiums, water/sewer bills, and repairs. If they have sufficient income from their job to cover these costs, there should be no substantial difference between investing in real estate through this method and buying an apartment building outright.

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