About Us

1031Xchange.com is a new product of an established, reputable and innovative company Investment Net LLC with more than 15 years of experience and stability in the 1031 Exchange arena. Here's what has and continues to distinguish us from the competition.


Personalized Service for Investors

Our service is extraordinary and unique. We assign a 1031 Exchange Expert/Advisor to work with each investor. A 1031 Exchange Expert stays with the transaction with the investor from the first call through the end and submission of forms to IRS of the 1031 Exchange process. Our 1031 Exchange Expert coordinates with the investor’s attorney, accountant and/or closing agent to ensure that the entire transaction runs as smoothly as possible.

Accommodative for Investors

At 1031 Exchange, we understand that every investment is unique, and every investor has its own specific needs. No two are alike. We assign each investor with 1031 Exchange Expert that they need to work in tandem with them to identify, understand and accommodate those needs (of course, within the rules that are allowed by the IRS for 1031 Exchanges). If an investor needs to transfer funds with a specific bank, Our assigned 1031 Exchange expert makes sure it happens. If an investor’s closing agent needs bank checks for a last-minute closing, Our expert makes sure that they are on time. Rigid institutional rules don’t hold us back.

Experience & Knowledge

1031Xchange.com has 1031 exchange experts in its panel who are up-to-the-minute knowledge of the regulations and best practices and also for creativity. Extensive knowledge, Years of working Experience and expertise on the subject matter gives our 1031 exchange experts the unique ability to structure each transaction so that it complies with guidelines of 1031 Exchange laid down by the IRS.

No Need to hire other Experts

Our 1031 Exchange Experts on panel handle all types of exchanges. Under Section 1031 of the IRC, Investors can make a variety of different types of exchanges — Forward / Delayed Exchange, Reverse / Simultaneous Exchange, Construction / Improvement Exchange or Personal Property Exchange. The most common and easiest 1031 Exchanges are Forward / Delayed Exchanges. The other types of Exchanges require much more knowledge and experience. While many of the experts in the market can handle Forward /Delayed Exchanges, Our 1031 Experts / Advisors are able to handle all types of 1031 Exchanges and even the most complex types of transactions.

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“Our tax-deferred 1031 exchange programs can save millions in taxes, increase investor equity, and compound annual cash flow distributions and returns”