Deferring Capital Gains Tax on Property

Investment real estate has not granted the same luxury to sell your shares over the years and spread out your capital gain. Instead, 1031 exchange helps you to defer your taxes and the percentage of your capital gains could vary each consecutive year. When you buy a property and sell it after a few years you make a profit out of it. If you do not stop there and you continue to flip properties, your long-term capital gains from real estate will increase. You may also arrange the transfer of ownership to a year in which a lesser tax burden is expected. Those of you who might even have a steady income will want to consider 1031 exchange due to its significance in the market and its many pros.


Note that the 1031 exchange will not allow you to avoid capital gain taxes in all cases. Take a look at the fact that the exchange of a US real estate for a real estate in another country will never qualify for a tax-free exchange status for example. Not just that, tax-free treatment will not be received in case you change your personal residence or properties used for personal use for a rental property under section 1031.

Initially, for your investment, the capital gain taxes payment may be deferred indefinitely. There is no reduction available for capital gain except to a basis upon death. Capital gain taxes on the final sale of an investor’s assets are owned by every investor under every circumstance possible.

Even though the investor conducts several actions of a series in which he rolls over swapping different properties while he avoids any capital gains tax liability for multiple years or say in some cases even decades until when they finally dispose-off an asset usually through sale or inheritance. All these profit and pros come with a price as there is no business or investment in which one can involve without a certain amount of risk or loss. 1031 Exchange involves lesser loss compared to any other form of investment or business prevailing in today’s market peculiarly when it comes to real estate. Even though investors those who carry out 1031 exchange has all these benefits and high profit you yield from the same they face other downfalls such as depreciation. These downfalls are very minute compared to the profit that you make.

Real estate offers you so many benefits which includes attractive tax advances but most importantly the way you invest in real estate is what defines how many tax advantages will be received by you and the primacy of those benefits. Usually, you will have to pay higher taxes on properties that you’ve recently acquired ownership of compared to properties you’ve owned more than a year or so. The reason simply being the short term capital are treated at the same rate as ordinary income but not long term gain. In scenarios where you have something else, you wish to buy while disposing of part of your property which has been held for investment over a long period of time is of like-kind is when 1031 exchange was first thought of as the perfect solution.

Initially, some might find it difficult in acquiring an appropriate 1031 exchange replacement property that will help them avoid any further additional taxes but with the help of a qualified intermediary this will be much simpler which is one of the top reasons why you must hire a qualified professional and not carry out the entire process all by yourself. It is well known and spoken of that IRS does not even like the idea of avoiding taxes altogether which is why we refer to it as deferring taxes and we basically defer the tax and not avoid tax as a whole and it is practically not possible. If looking outside the exchange 1031 there are internal revenue codes that allows an exclusion from profit acquired by selling your primary home and personal property.

Due to the increasing number of real estate sales ever since 2010 this has resulted in a lot of people to receive lesser tax treatment from the Federal government. However, this resulted in a huge amount of loss from the tax revenue.

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