1031 Xchange eBook

Why you should have a good 1031 Exchange eBook with you?

1031 Exchanges aren’t too complex to execute. However, they certainly require proper handling. As an investor, it’s your responsibility that you understand your investment inside-out and providing you all information related to 1031 Exchanges is what we consider our responsibility. That’s why we have developed an advanced and content enriched ebook on 1031 Exchanges.


Topics you’ll find in our 1031 Exchange e-book:

1.What is a 1031 Exchange? How to execute it?

2.Types of 1031 Exchanges – Delayed, Simultaneous, Improved/Built-To-Suit, and Reverse.

3.Like-kind properties

4.Qualified Intermediaries

5.What is DST?


7.Benefits of a NNN lease, and many more…

1031 Exchange

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