Who is and how does 1031Xchange works?

By | July 26th, 2019|0 Comments

1031 Xchange was developed with a motive to provide a range of quality properties for its investors who are planning to do a 1031 exchange. The 45 day Identification period can be very tough period for the 1031 investor. 1031 Xchange can ease your toughness with its on-line turnkey solution. Our experience team of securities and real estate professionals has created an online marketplace that can accomplish this for you within days. The burden of dealing with the tenants, the toilets and the trash are now over.

We not only allow you to diversify your investments but also help you to purchase variety of properties across different asset classes using Delaware Statutory Trust (DSTs). For consultation and assistance regarding 1031 exchange you can also call – 888-395-0046 or email us at info@1031xchange.com

“Our tax-deferred 1031 exchange programs can save millions in taxes, increase investor equity, and compound annual cash flow distributions and returns”