Industrial Property in 1031 Exchange

You should have an Industrial Property in your 1031 Exchange list

As a 1031 Exchange investor, you must know what kind of property you want to acquire against your old property. There is no doubt that choosing an ideal replacement property requires a little extra attention as the future of your investment depends upon it. So, the first thing you should know is what you’re looking in a property. In case you’re eyeing a steady flow of income or equity appreciation over a period of time, then you should think about industrial properties. Industrial properties are very much in demand among 1031 exchange investors because of the returns that such properties offer.


Industrial properties offer the following benefits to 1031 Exchange investors:


 Higher returns.

 A regular flow of income.

 Equity appreciation over a period of time.

 Various tax advantages, etc.

Since the introduction of Section 1031 of IRC, tax deferment on capital gains has become a common practice among the investors in the USA. This unique tax law allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on exchanging ‘like-kind’ properties. In a 1031 exchange , no loss or gain is recognized because the proceeds obtained from the relinquished property are reinvested on replacement properties. Consequently, the investors get the benefit of deferring capital gains taxes. As 1031 Exchange investors get to invest entire proceeds in the replacement property, they can always acquire bigger and better replacement properties.

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