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1031 Exchange: Sharper Insights to Smarter Investments

Defer your capital gains taxes and upgrade your investment

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How You Can Complete Your 1031 Exchange In Six Simple Steps

1. Decides to sell Investment Property, list it for sell and go under contract.

2. Enter into a 1031 Exchange agreement with Qualified Intermediary. Make sure you meet the requirements of the Federal Tax Laws, especially the one pertaining to the proceeds.

3. Closes on the sale of relinquished property and transfer proceeds from Sale to QI.

4. Identify a new propertywithin 45 days

5. Buy the same as your 1031Exchange replacement property within 180 days.

6. Submit form 8824 to the IRS at the time of filing taxes along with the other required documents.


Provide complete assistance for your 1031 Tax Deferral Exchange.

Connect you with a 1031 Expert who stays with you throughout the transaction.

Help you with fund transfer/documentation etc.

Work hand in hand with your attorney, accountant or closing agent for ensuring that the transaction runs smoothly.

About Us

1031Xchange is a new addition to the network web portals of an established, reputable and innovative company Investment Net LLC. Investment Net LLC is one of the largest companies in the 1031 Exchange arena with more than 15 years of experience and stability. We intend to come up with the most relevant and appropriate content related to the tax deferred exchange.

Our unique pool of properties include off-market premium NNN, DST & TIC properties. Our service is different and unique that works in the best interest for the Investors. We assign an Expert/Advisor to work with each investor.

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A 1031 Exchange Comes With

Relief from property management

An opportunity to defer taxes

A steady flow of income

Property appreciation

Equity growth

High leverage

Long Term Lease Option

Opportunity to swap non-performing assets

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It’s important for our clients to understand the process before starting the 1031 Exchange. For this reason, you can get connected with us to get the detailed information about 1031 Exchange on our website.

What is a 1031 Exchange?:

Section 1031 of IRC or a 1031 exchange, is an arrangement that allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on exchanging an investment property for another like-kind property. Under a 1031 exchange, if an investor chooses to reinvest the entire proceeds from the sale of their relinquished property into another like-kind property, they can defer paying taxes on the transaction.

Exchange Rules:

1. You can identify up to three 1031 exchange properties of any value with the intent of purchasing at least one of them
2. You can identify more than three exchange properties with an aggregate value that does not exceed 200% of the market value of the relinquished property
3. You can identify more than three 1031 exchange properties with an aggregate value exceeding 200% of the relinquished property, knowing that 95% of the market value of all properties identified must be acquired.

Delayed Exchange:

Delayed Exchanges are also referred as a Forward Exchange, under this exchange the sale of one or more pieces of property is involved, the proceeds of which are held by a Qualified Intermediary, and the Seller identifies one or more replacement property within 45 days and completes the process of the replacement property within 180 days after the sale of property.

Reverse Exchange:

A reverse exchange is an exchange under which the replacement property is acquired first, and then the existing property is sold. The motive of the reverse exchange was to help buyers in purchasing a new property before forcing them to trade or sell the existing property. This helps the investor or the taxpayer to hold the current property until its market value increases, thereby also increasing their timing to sell at maximum profit.

Improvement Exchange:

An Improvement Exchange allows the investor or the taxpayer to acquire the property of their choice. Improvements can be like repairs in current structures or as complex as ground-up into new construction. This Exchange opens up many opportunities for the investor, even the possibility of improvements to property have already owned.

Blended Exchange:

This Exchange is the combination of both Delayed and Reverse Exchanges. It is possible to sell one property before acquiring the replacement property and to relinquish another property later.

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