Retail Property

Invest in Retail Property Using a 1031 Exchange

The list goes on and on when it comes to what kind of properties you can acquire as your 1031 xchange replacement property. Some of the property types are – 1031 exchange retail properties, multi-family properties, student housing properties, NNN properties, etc. Though every property has its own advantage, however, one property type that stands out among all is retail property. The demand for 1031 retail properties list has increased over the years, and the reason is obvious – retail properties provide higher returns. Therefore, once you’ve acquired a retail property, it will never turn into a liability.


Why you should Invest in Retail Properties?

  1031 Exchange Retail properties have low vacancy rates.

  It ensures a frequent rise in income.

  It guarantees a regular flow of cash.

  Provides many tax advantages.

  These property types are less expensive and require low maintenance.

How You Can Acquire a Retail Property as your 1031 Exchange Replacement Property?

Over the years, 1031 Exchange has given the taxpayers an opportunity to swap the like-kind properties thereby deferring capital gains taxes on the exchange. As the name suggests, the term ‘like-kind’ is used to define properties that are similar in nature. Therefore, if you have an old income-producing property that has reached depreciation, then you can exchange it for a new retail property using a 1031 Exchange and defer capital gains taxes. Isn’t it great? To get 1031 retail properties list, our 1031 Exchange expert will be at your service in the next moment.

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