Get hold of a Self-Storage Property using a 1031 Exchange

The importance of having a space for storing personal stuff can’t be expressed in words. Self storage properties for 1031 Exchange aren’t rarest of the rare assets. However, it’s not that easy to find such properties when required. The reason is simple – everyone likes to have storage space for keeping personal stuff. When it comes to buying self-storage properties, you can do it either by making a direct investment or you can also exchange out your old or depreciated property for a self storage property using a 1031 Exchange.


Over the years, 1031 Exchange has given the taxpayers an opportunity to swap the ‘like-kind’ properties thereby deferring capital gains taxes on the exchange. As the name suggests, the term ‘like-kind’ exchange is used to define an exchange of two or more properties of the same nature. Basically, in a ‘like-kind’ exchange, the taxpayer doesn’t receive any kind of profit directly from the sale of the relinquished property and can only exchange one property for another. Therefore, using a 1031 Exchange, you can acquire a self-storage property against any of your old property.

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