Perks of owning a Student Housing Building

The advantage of tax deferment using a 1031 Exchange is what most investors seek. However, there is no doubt that 1031 Exchanges offer many other benefits such as diversification, steady flow of income, etc. Many of these benefits depend upon the type of replacement property an investor chooses. For example, a student housing property is an ideal choice for your 1031 Exchange replacement property if you’re eyeing equity appreciation over a period of time along with a regular of income.


The demand for 1031 Exchanges of student housing buildings has increased over the years, and the reason is obvious – student housing properties have low vacancy rates. Therefore, once you’ve acquired a student housing property, it will never turn into a liability.

Why you should invest in Student Housing Properties?

✔ Student housing properties have low vacancy rates.

✔ It ensures frequent rent increases.

✔ It guarantees a regular flow of cash.

✔ 1031 student housing provides many tax advantages like tax deferment using a 1031 Exchange .

✔ 1031 student housing property types are less expensive and require low maintenance.

How we can help?

Provide complete assistance for your 1031 Exchange .

Connect you with the 1031 Exchange Expert with best NNN (triple net lease) properties options and to stay with you throughout the transaction.

Help you with fund transfer/documentation etc.

Work hand in hand with your attorney, accountant or closing agent for ensuring that the transaction runs smoothly.

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